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Apply our Qi Men Dun Jia Techniques in your business life and get the best results


Fresh Qi, pressed just for you. Relax and enjoy a walk with the best flow of natural energy and get your batteries charged!


Learn with us! Academic Excellence and two trustful living linages of transmission of knowledge are our best quality proof

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Here you can get Qi Men Dun Jia charts with the most accurate data. QMDJ Calculator – your professional online tool


Do the right thing in the right time! Specially calculated for you, your personal Daomac Qi-Tide and the Daomac best Profit Agenda


Regeneration and empowerment: get your soul back, let your spirit grow, bring back harmony in your heart and health in your body

Who we are About us

Alejandro Peñataro

The Founder and director of Daomac is Dr. Alejandro Peñataro Sánchez, 80th Generation of the Huatuo Daoyin Linage 華佗門導引術 and 15th Generation Master of the alchemical daoist Linage Mao Shan 中國道家茅山丹道. The academic background are several years of research and teaching at the Horst Görtz Institute of History, Theory and Ethics of Traditional Chinese Life Sciences, at the Medical University Charité, Berlin. In Daomac we bring the essence of the best traditions with the excellence of academic research.

The three main goals of our Daomac Institute are:

1. To support and increase love and harmony in this world. Aloha!

2. To teach daoist knowledge and the methods of the Chinese Life Sciences in order to understand the natural world in which we humans live between Heaven and Earth.

3. To use this knowledge to contribute to the active creation of a better world for future generations.

We envision a world with people who are aware of the vital energy Qi and its flow as a wonderful basis for increasing love and harmony. The understanding of the concept of vital energy Qi leads to its cultivation and to a Qi-ecological, harmonic conception of our lives:

1.  In space, Feng Shui not only encourages personal development but also heals the earth.

2. In personal constitution and biorhythm, it reinforces harmony and love in your navigation through life and your exchanges with the world. 

3. In the moment you do things, Qi Men Dun Jia teaches you how to use less of your resources in order to achieve greater results.  

Our first principle is the mutual respect between all beings, religions and/or spiritual teachings. 

Our second principle is scientific accuracy in the academic research that underlies the knowledge and methods we share.

Our third principle is the certification of authenticity of this traditional knowledge, deeply rooted in traditions of modern society and throughout the history of Chinese civilization. 

We respect the intellectual, emotional and spiritual freedom of every human being and completely disapprove of any manipulation, abuse of power, or misleading information in the name of profit, in any kind of religious, spiritual or psychological teachings.

Our Strategy Concept for Business

Daoist consulting is based on the modern application of traditional Chinese Life Sciences to provide new concepts and support in the following fields:


Profile Assessment of personal Biorhythms

Mingli Theories
Bazi Suanming Method

Natural Patterns,
New Concepts of Coaching


Awareness & Efficiency Prognostication & Strategy

Qi Men Dun Jia techniques
Liuren Method

New Frames for Strategies within
Natural Patterns


Productive Space
Analysis and Optimization

Dili Theories
Fengshui Methods

Naturally living, Naturally working,
Naturally, successful


Discover, Feel and Enjoy The Best Qi

Vital Energy in concentrated form to regenerate and empower you! Only the secretly transmitted wisdom from the outer taoist alchemy allows the most precious Qi to get refined and condensed into essence. Enjoy a unique experience. Enjoy the essence of Life.


The easiest and most effective form of Qi Gong! Just go for a walk and refill your energy! When you move in the direction of the best flow of natural Qi, your energetic fields get tuned up and your potentials increase. We share the pearls of natural Qi and you go for the energizing walk.

Our Special Offer: Qi-Pearls & Qi-Essence

Too much talking about Qi, Life energy and still don't know, still never experienced Qi?

Don't worry. You deserve the best and we bring it to you!

Yin and Yang belong together, inner and outer alchemy too. We propose you to try our most simple and effective form of Qi Gong together with our Qi-Essence, so that you attain at once the most pleasant and unique experience of discovering, feeling and enjoying the best of Qi. Only with us, you want to try?

We want you learn the right things Formation

We welcome you in our courses for practitioners, instructors or professional coachers in Chinese Life Sciences: Fengshui, Bazi Suanming, Qi Men Dun Jia, Yi Jing, Qi-Gong or Chi-Kung, Daoyin Shu, Meditation Arts, Inner and Outer Alchemy, Classical Chinese, Chinese Philosophy and much more. You can find the courses:


The Individual teaching program is the most suitable for extensive dedication to the personal needs.


The most comfortable program, reaching out the diversity of the members that interact in a class, offer interesting cases and sharing different points of view.


For sure the feeling of the energy is much stronger in person when we talk about Qi and we train all techniques around this concept. You can find the way to us.

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