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Regeneration and empowerment Alchemy Qi-Essence

Meet Self – Fearless Ten Powers

十力無畏 Energy Herbal Essence

Qi is vital energy, Qi is power,

Qi is time and Qi is money

Qi represents your wealth tied together to your health

Here the key of empowerment is not only the vital strength achieved through Daoist Alchemy, but also the states of awareness of our spirit. In simple words:

“When you have the resources, you have the capability and you feel good,
then you have the world at your feet.”

Our Special Offer: Qi-Pearls & Qi-Essence

Too much talking about Qi, Life energy and still don't know, still never experienced Qi?

Don't worry. You deserve the best and we bring it to you!

Yin and Yang belong together, inner and outer alchemy too. We propose you to try our most simple and effective form of Qi Gong together with our Qi-Essence, so that you attain at once the most pleasant and unique experience of discovering, feeling and enjoying the best of Qi. Only with us, you want to try?

The Daomac Alchemy Qi-Cream represents the essence of Eastern culture. Daoist Alchemy is the pearl of research on longevity that springs out from the very core of Traditional Chinese Medical and Healing traditions. The specially selected plants are harvested, prepared and processed according to the secret formulas of the daoist lineage. This is a process that takes almost 20 years in order to achieve the highest quality, including special methods used for absorbing solar energy. In this process, a total amount of 100 kg of Chinese medical herbs will be transformed into 400grams of pure Qi Herbal Essence.

This long process of alchemical refinement allows the cream’s molecules to fully tally with the body cells. By means of direct assimilation through the skin, it is possible to transmit them to the personal energy of the body. It is further possible to harmonize the Qi channels and vessels of the whole body, as well as to open and harmonize the Chakras.

It will allow you to feel harmony, peace and stillness as you might never have before.

In the writings of the Zhuangzi concerning the Nourishment of Life (Yangsheng), it is said:

“Fate, can be managed with the Governing (Vessel): one can protect oneself, one can fulfil one’s life, one can nourish the family, one can live out a natural life span”

This Governing Vessel (Du Mai 督脈) runs along the spine and controls the so-called 3 Passes or Passages of the Spine, a theory based on the body correlation to the 24 Qi-climatic periods of the year. The Governing Vessel (Du Mai) represents the so-called energy potential of earlier heaven (Xiantian 先天).

By means of a specific herbal composition including Sovereigns, Ministers, Assistants and Couriers, the Ten Powers Alchemy Qi-Cream allows your energy to come back to early heaven state, pure and clear like that of a baby:

Its refinement technique of subtle neutralization can supplement and drain at the same time. Vacuity and fullness melt together, the four (Buddhist) Elements get tempered in harmony, and it allows you to feel and experience your most authentic existence in every second.

The main targets of the Alchemy Qi-Cream are the truly authentic coordinates where energy returns as we contemplate each breath, inhaling and exhaling.
Then one is able to meet oneself with the truly authentic oneself, Meet Self.

What’s about the “Fearless Ten Powers’十力無畏

The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism provides the following entry shili 十力:

“Ten powers that a Buddha possesses described in The Great Commentary on the Abhidharma and other treatises. They are

(1) the power of knowing what is true and what is not;
(2) the power of knowing karmic causality at work in the lives of all beings throughout past, present, and future;
(3) the power of knowing all stages of concentration, emancipation, and meditation;
(4) the power of knowing the conditions of life of all people;
(5) the power of judging all people’s levels of understanding;
(6) the power of discerning the superiority or inferiority of all people’s capacity;
(7) the power of knowing the effects of all people’s actions;
(8) the power of remembering past lifetimes;
(9) the power of knowing when each person will be born and will die, and in what realm that person will be reborn; and
(10) the power of eradicating all illusions.
Some explanations of the ten powers give a different order or differ slightly in content.”

The Alchemy Body Retreat

Daoist alchemical practices are not an exception in the yin and yang theory. The exercises of Inner Alchemy are of the Yang aspect, and the effects of Outer Alchemy are of the Yin aspect. Only by the union of both aspects can the practitioner succeed. Outer Alchemy allows the possibility to access those levels which otherwise, by means of practice over the span of a whole life, can never be reached.

One of the main pillars in our alchemical body retreats is the whole-body application of the outer alchemy cream. This is a practice available to everybody which needs only 2-3 hours’ time, a place to lie down, a warm blanket and at least 15 grams of Alchemy Qi- Cream. Ideally this should be done in pairs so that the application on the back will be easier.
Below we will describe the basic application of Outer Alchemy in the Alchemy Body Retreat.

General Instructions of Use

Advanced Instructions of Use – Daily Application

The whole-body application is recommended for daily use for all people who might be in any state of weakness and would like to support the energetic and physical body in a new way. It is highly recommended for any practicioners of Inner Alchemy, Qi-gong, Taiji and/or Yoga. These practicioners might experience very enjoyable progress.

Apply 5-20 grams with a gentle massage on any part of, or on the whole body, and relax at least 10-15 minutes for a better absorption and deeper penetration by the tissues of the body.

Our proposal as a standard daily application to those for whom a whole-body application is not viable is the basic application in points 1 and 2:

  1. The Lower Dantian (xiadantian 下丹田) - underneath the belly
  2. The spine and the back

Another possibility is the combination and/or alternating of this standard daily application with any of the other parts: 3. Front, 4. Four lImbs and 5. Head.

At work, in the office, you can use it on a short break on the lower dantian, kidneys area, neck and eyelids. After 10 mins., you will have back your power, a full spirit ready to break through.

Important Remarks

A) Alchemy Qi-Cream – Fearless Ten Powers 十力無畏 is not a medicine:

it is a product for self-care as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1998. “Self Care in health refers to the activities individuals, families and communities undertake with the intention of enhancing health, preventing disease, limiting illness, and restoring health.” Self care defines any intentional actions aiming to take care of one’s own physical, mental and emotional health. Of course these actions can also be an important part of the healing process. However, it should be clear that Alchemy Qi-Cream is not intended to establish any western medical diagnostics nor to treat them. Alchemy Qi-cream is a product of the so-called Outer Alchemy that enhances and intensifies the effects of moderate body exercises, meditation and relaxation practices, such as the so-called Inner Alchemy or exercises like Yoga, Qi-Gong or Taiji Quan.

B) Pregnancy and Daoist Alchemical Practices:

As in many of the exercises and practices, pregnancy is an exceptional state of the body in which it may be better not to practice, or to practice in a very limited way, so that there is no influence on the baby. The same is true for daoist Alchemy. During this time the Alchemy Qi-Cream can be only applied locally on the four limbs.

C) Side Effects or Reactions:

No allergic reactions are known thus far. However, in rare cases, the skin may become red or start to itch. Even more rarely, a feeling of dizziness may occur. These cases can occur when the body is in a process of eliminating toxins, so it is recommended to drink abundant hot or warm water in order to help the detoxification process of the body. After 2-3 days, the application of the Alchemy Qi-Cream can be gradually continued. It is important to drink water in any kind of energetic exercise. Any kind of toxins and stimulants, including coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes, or even fast food, might give us the feeling of drying out the body. Traditional Chinese culture always remarks on the relevance of drinking hot or warm water as a key to longevity and health.

Alchemy Qi-Cream – Fearless Ten Powers 十力無畏
A product of limited quantity

The effects of the specific composition are to supplement and tune the energy of the whole body: the result is a relaxing feeling of well-being and the activation of one’s own body’s energetic potentials.
The ingredients are: Extracts of Ganoderma Lucidum (lingzhi 靈芝),Gastrodia elata Bl. (tianma天麻), Eucommia ulmides Oliv. (duzhong 杜仲),Codonopsis Kawakamii Hayata (dangshen 黨參),Aquilaria sinensis Gilg, (chenxiang 沉香),Santalum albm L. (tanxiang 檀香),Pinus massoniana L.( songxiang 松香), Succinum (hupo 琥珀), Polygonum cuspidatum (Huzhang 虎杖 ) ,Coptis chinensis Franch.(huanglian 黃連),Acanthopanax Senticosus Harms. (ciwujia 刺五加),Polygonum multiflorum Thunb (heshouwu 何首鳥), and Mentha Canadensis L. Oil. (bohe jingyou薄荷精油)

The original composition has no preservatives; it is normal for the colour of each bowl of cream to vary slightly.
Storage: Store this product in a dry and cool place away from children. If the cream is not used after being open for a long period of time, it is normal for the outer layer to get a slightly dark color and become dry. It does not influence the quality of the cream. You can use a little bit of pure alcohol and stir for application.

Expiration Date: Three years.

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