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Fresh Qi, pressed just for you Qi-Pearl

No more exhausting training in order to learn Qi-Gong or Taiji forms: If you do not have the time just ask for a Qi-Pearl!

Qi Gong or Taiji practise aims mainly at the gathering of Qi. This is accomplished over long periods of time by absolving an intense training with different exercises and gymnastics.

However, some of the methods of Traditional Chinese Life Sciences precisely describe the rules of the natural flow of Qi in space and time.

Specific applications of these methods allow simple forms of Taiji or Qigong to be linked to specific sets of time and direction calculated individually for each user in order to maximize your benefit.

The results are quite different from other practices. Here that what you gather is the very pearl of the natural Qi.

At Daomac we have a group of selected Teachers that will guide you in your learning: How to gather qi, how to do it in movement, and how to get your Qi-pearl. We offer short courses with small groups, but mainly individual private teaching.

Traditional Methods,
Feeling Nature

Natural Qi-pearls

The Qi-pearl is practiced three to eight times over a period of a month, generally at least once a week.

Daomac offers two packages of 5 or 8 Qi-pearls:

  • Three basic Qi-pearls for you to practice, and an addition of two pearls in case any of the basic three pearls do not fit in with your personal schedule.
  • Five basic Qi-pearls for you to practice, and an addition of 3 alternative pearls.

My personalised Qi-pearl

The Methods of Traditional Chinese Life Sciences describe precisely the qualities of natural Qi. By means of a specific system it is possible to elaborate the individual Qi-profile of a person.Specific Qi-pearls can be calculated according to this Qi-profile, so that well being, personal and professional development can be supported.

These are personalized Qi-pearls.

In Daomac we offer this service of Qi-Profile Assessment for personal Qi-pearls.

Reference points for that are place, date and approximated time of birth.

Herewith you get a list with the specific calculated time and direction in which the best qi is flowing, so you can walk, breath and gather the Qi in that direction.

Qi-Pearls are only very specific times and not everyday.

Therefore when you place an order for Qi-pearls, we kindly ask you to remark your individual time-frame, and the hours of an average day of yours that suit you best. According to this individual frame, we then make out the best package of Qi-pearls that will work for you.

A Free Trial?
Would you like to try it? We offer you a free trial, so that you get your own impression and feeling.
Pack of 8 Qi-pearls personalised &
45gr. Alchemy Qi-Essence

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