Privacy Policy §8 of GTC- Generals Terms of Use of Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD

Cookies Policy §8.6

§ 8 Data protection and confidentiality

Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD completely agrees and runs business activities collecting and using personal data under the accomplishment of the Taiwanese Act of data protection the so/called PDPA - Personal Data Protection Act, as expressed in its 5th Article:

“The collection, processing and use of personal data shall be carried out in a way that respects the data subject's rights and interest, in an honest and good-faith manner, shall not exceed the necessary scope of specific purposes, and shall have legitimate and reasonable connections with the purposes of collection.”
Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD runs different kind of paid and fee-free services through the different websites like,, and and further software, apps as well as online and personal events, in general the here called „Services“.

The users of these services can take up the offer in form of a one-time purchase of product or service, a recurrent time frame service or even long-term Services become a member of a community, with or without membership fee payment.

In every case when the user provides his personal information means he is consent to the Privacy Policy of Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD and agrees the use, collection, access, process, transfer and storage this information.

Consequently, any user that disagrees with the present privacy policy may be kindly requested to consciously not to subscribe any of our services, and stop using and accessing to our software, websites or services.
Please note: without authentic personal data it is not possible for us to provide our services, any fraudulent use or abuse of personal data from users may lead to a immediately termination of the services agreement without any right of compensation and may lead to further legal consequences.

In all cases privacy policy is defined as follows:

8.1. Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD deals seriously with the protection of people privacy and confidential data, so that the respect of privacy of all Users can be warranted. Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD deals with personal data of the Users - collect, store and handle personal information (as defined below) - consistently to Taiwanese Act of data protection the PDPA - Personal Data Protection Act, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. This last one, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerns the protection of the rights of the residents European Union, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland.

8.2. Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD may collect, process, use and store all registration data as far as this is required for the Services that Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD offers the User. The collection of data especially takes place by the storage of data provided by the registration (Inventory Data) as well as the data emerging from the use of the fee-based Services (Register of Movements Data). Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD looks forward your personal information is secured and protected, stored on a server, in a database, password- protected and access available exclusively to you and that employees who may need to apply any management activities according to the responsibilities required by the fulfillment of the agreed service. Those Employees are due to extreme confidentiality entrustment of your personal data. Furthermore, our servers are constantly monitored and protected by firewalls and Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD will undertake any necessary steps to maintain all your data in maximum security as here out privacy policy expresses. The security measures standard guidelines prescribed by the PDPA are the registration of all those who have allowed access, control and limit the access based on the real necessity, keep records of access and transfer of the Personal Data, ensure the employees confidentiality as well as conduct programs on awareness of Personal Data management responsibility, enable physical security processes as well as bind thirds parties in that processing.

By the very first data collection the user agrees to provide the data for the customer- membership files without a time frame, this means the duration of that process and or storage of that data will be determinated by the user which can demand a cessation of the agreement any time so as explained by the point 8.11 Specific Rights of Personal Data of this Privacy Policy. Otherwise we may retain that personal data information as long as we consider relevant to match the scope and purposes as it was collected as explained in point 8.10 , fulfilling the agreements, contracts and also applicable legal obligations.

8.3. Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD can use the services of third parties in order to assure the execution of the Services, the fulfilment of the present contract and the execution of this GTC. According to this, the assigned third parties in charge are entitled to the storage and transmission of Data to cooperation partners in order to fulfil the services.

8.4. The User will be informed before an enquiry of its data about the type, ambits, place and purpose of the enquiry, as well as the function and type of process that required data fulfil in compliance with execution of the contract. Through the corresponding use the User confirms his Data and confers Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD the permission of the storage and contacting.

8.5. Excluded hereof are anonymous User profiles (Log files).

8.6. Cookies Policy: By the visit of any of our websites it might be possible that information in form of “Cookies” is discarded on the computer. Cookies permit for example to adapt a website to the interests of the visitors or to store its date of birth so that it saves the input each time. In case that it is not wished the automatically recognition of the computer by the websites the own Internet browser can be adjusted so that it deletes cookies of the computer hard disk, blocks all cookies or warns the Visitor of the websites before a cookie is stored. A pop up window may express the agreement with our cookies policy every time you open the website.

8.7. Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD is authorized to transmit both Inventory Data as well as Register of Movements Data at Law Enforcing Authorities as far as this is necessary to the pursuit or clarification of a possible criminal offense, a delict or a serious infringement.

8.8 The data that we collect and use:

Identification Data – Given Name, Family Names, Date/Place of Birth; Company Name

Localization Data – Residence, Contact address - Physical Address; occasionally Physical localization for practice or definition of the Service

Connectivity Data – Email address, Phone Numbers, Profiles – User Names in case of preference of Connection to Services via Social media

Payment Data - Credit card, PayPal, Bank account, billing address, Company Tax - identification Number if needed, executed Transactions information

Network data – Further individual information you provide to us and share within any service, further general information publicly available in social networks or in your open presence in the web or delivered by service providers.

We are not interested and don’t collect any sensitive personal intimate information and we may don’t be willing to get that information such health/Disease records, genetical data, religious or believes or sexual orientation, or even any criminal background.

In the same way we are not interested and we don’t collect any children information, the usage of our services is exclusively for adults.

8.9 When and How do we collect your data

Registration processes – when you fill up any registration form, application, creation of a profile of access to Services, fee-due or free, subscribing newsletter, customer service, consulting questions, profile assessments

Contact – Any communication request from your side in any of our Services offers or events via personal contact to any of the members of Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD or via official contact ways from the corresponding website or software used for the specific event or service, including feedback

Purchase- By introduction the necessary data for fulfillment the payment of the services, including if needed third parties payment gateways
Service Use- when you use and browse our websites, when you use our communities- social - networking platforms, when you use the services we provide to you independently online, software based products or in presence events.

3rd Parties – eventual information provided by marketing activities cooperation with co-branded services such as social media websites offers.
References- in the cases of references of our services to other persons or discount codes that they contact us or we got the contact of them to offer our services, when we get the contact, that person that provides the data is also representing the agreement of the person to give further that personal data.

8.10 For which purpose do we collect your data
Security –. Validation and verification of the authenticity of your identity, first of all to accomplish to a contract with legal obligations and consequently to protect that data. Also in cases of usage of reference Discount Codes, usernames or profile data in case of references to person such as Courses enrollments via reference.

Informativity – Contact with you and keep you informed and updated about our activities and promotions, marketing campaigns contacts possibly using automated emails. Contact and Feedback for improvement of the Quality of the Services, communications of changes in the GTC.

Adequacy- Proper administration, diligent execution of the services and improvement our offer and quality of the personal services to the client in fully consideration of the given information. Market surveys and research, improvement guided considerations of better consulting and assessment of the needs of the clients in connection to the services and/or service providers. Improve browsing and personalise marketing and offer of the specific clients requests, send specific contents of we may think you could be interested in, accordingly to your preferences. In cases to provide statistical information to other companies- without any identification of specific users-.

Expansion- Our goal is better service to our clients so our Business structures are only to expand in as much as we understand the needs of our clients so that we can improve, test and implement new strategies to cope with them.

Other usage and purposes could be contemplated however they will be notified by the moment of the collection of the data.

8.10.1 For which purpose your data could be disclosed to third parties

In order to match the above expressed purposes or even additional purposes, under determinate circumstances Personal data are needed to be transferred, assessed or disclosed to third parties. In some cases explicitly Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD may arrange other service providers to accomplish some functions in the name of the company so that personal data may be disclosed. Those service provides or third parties could be such as:

Event Co-partners, Event-management companies and/or sponsors, Data Analytics, Marketing and/or Market research, IT-services, verification provider of Credit/Cards or internet payment systems that work out the commercial transactions, security companies and legal bodies as required by law.

8.10.2 International Transfer of Personal Data Consent

In order to provide our services under some circumstances we may need to transfer the Personal Data to recipients in other countries different from the original country in which the information was collected. Accepting the present privacy policy shows the agreement and consent of that transfer of personal data.

According to the corresponding Data Protection Law Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD ensures the security and confidentiality of that process taking the proper steps on that.

8.11 Specific Rights of Personal Data

Here down we listed the rights respecting your personal data which you can request from us. Herewith please be aware occasionally we may not be able to fully accomplish with your request straight away or may ask you to provide additional information so that we can assure the authentication of your identity if needed, however you will get informed of our decisions by the processing of your request.

In order to request any of the here below actions connected to your personal data please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. entitled like Personal Data Request

The personal data protection rights applicable as expressed by the Taiwanese PDPA - Personal Data Protection Act are:

• Make an inquiry, access, review, update, delete, rectification that data we have about you in case of change, inaccurate or incomplete. §3. 1 § 3. 3
• Request a copy, data portability, it is your right to get a machine/readable and common format copy of the data we have from you §3. 2
• Demand cessation, Object, restrict and withdraw the consent that we process
your personal data §3. 4
• Erasure and delete all information about you in our systems §3. 5

Additionally, if needed you may have the right to complain to a data protection authority of your country about our collection and use of your personal data.

8.12 Ailong Global Trade Co. LTD keeps the right to update and modification of this privacy policy whenever it considers necessarily. Users are advised to monitor the changes by means of visiting our websites often.

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