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The Golden Mountain is one of the most powerful Fengshui places in Taiwan and the Fortune and Wealth Temple doubtless the most powerful one achieving protective blessings and best developments. One of the special characteristics why it is so powerful is that is a combined Buddhist and Daoist Temple. Altogether there are 10 steps that will be fulfilled in the process of the worshipping ritual and may take up to three hours. The Five Gods of the Five directions, Buddhist Gods of Wealth and sending away poverty, Upright Wealth and Indirect Wealth gods, as well as the Thousand Arms Thousand Eyes Guanyin are the ruling gods which provide their protection and blessing and activate the flow of wealth and development. As soon as not everybody may be able to come personally to fulfil this worshipping ritual, we offer you that a daoist of our Maoshan linage may represent you and help you to accomplish the process, no matter wherever you are. After the process you will get the proof of fulfilment and the respective Temple Talisman, as well as one pack of the Five directions Gods activation incense with graved Talismans on them.

Altogether you can enhance herewith the highest Temple support for your own fortune and wealth development.

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