Alchemy-Qi Experience 30 Days Program

Precio de venta990,00 €


This program is oriented to those that want to make their own experiences with the natural and the alchemical Qi. The Profile Assessment of personal Qi-Constitution and Biorhythms written report is the basis for the Schedule of the program.

In Chinese Life Sciences, time is Qi. Life is codified in the Qi Matrix. Therefore when we analyse our Qi-Constitution and we know do time and Qi flows, we can get a lot of advantages from that. This Alchemy-Qi Experience Program allows you to get a touch of that and see how it feels and which are the results after one month.

According to the individual Qi-Constitutions then it will be personalised the schedule of the 30 days, selecting both personalised Qi-Pearls and times for the daily application of the Alchemy Qi-Cream. The special Gift in this package is one Traditional Pot of 400gr. Alchemy Qi-Cream.

Besides the Alchemy Qi-Cream the program includes:

  1. Profile Assessment of personal Qi-Constitution and Biorhythms Written report
  2. 30 Days Alchemy personalised Application Schedule
  3. Qi-Pearls package of 10 personalised Qi-Pearls

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