Body and Soul Alchemy Coaching 60 Days

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This program is oriented to those that wish to take the advantages of the natural and the alchemical Qi for their own wellness and personal development. The program begins with a videoconference meeting with the personal coach. The focus of this first meeting will be on the one side the Profile Assessment of personal Qi-Constitution and Biorhythms and on the other the personal wishes and targets of the person.

The strategy for the 60 days schedule will be settle down according to the individual Qi-Constitutions: both personalised Qi-Pearls and the times for the daily application of the Alchemy Qi-Cream will be selected. There will be a daily quick feedback program to follow the progression and a weekly meeting with the coach, in order to exchange the impressions and to discuss about the preview of personal Qi-Tide in the next week. Besides that, the coach will work out three questions by means of the prognostication and strategy system Qimen Dunjia: this means, from the beginning of the couch, in three different times the person can ask for a Qimen Dunjia Consultation in relation to one personal matter or project. This will give a closer impression of how this information of the Qi-matrix can be used for supporting our goals.

After 60 days of daily use of the Alchemy Qi-Cream in the specific times and the personalised Qi-pearls, the person notices that there has been an improvement in the general well being.  The special Gifts in this package are two Traditional Pots of 400gr. Alchemy Qi-Cream.

Besides the Alchemy Qi-Cream the program includes:

  1. Profile Assessment of personal Qi-Constitution and Biorhythms
    1. Bazi Suanming and Mingli Qimen Individual Consultation 2-3 Hours
    2. Daily feedback program
    3. Weekly Virtual Meeting with personal Coach
      1. Evaluation of the Progression
      2. Weekly Qi-Tide preview
  2.  A 60 Days Alchemy Application Schedule
  3. Qi-Pearls:  Package of 30 Qi-Pearls
  4. Qimen Dunjia Consultations for personal matters or project – Three Questions

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