Success and Healing – Qi Men Dun Jia Mind-Heart Methods

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Success and Healing – Qi Men Dun Jia Mind-Heart Methods

The present course due to its nature has taken me a rather long time of preparation, translating original materials, gathering the pearls of transmission and QMDJ usage of all these years and bringing into a practical useful form here for you. Finally come to be ready so I can offer it all of you wishing to come into the next advanced level of understanding and consulting using Qi Men Dun Jia. Especially interesting is this course for those that want to learn or are using actively our daoist way of coaching.

Success and healing relies on proper Mind-Heart.

This is the most important principle in our Daoist Alchemical Maoshan linage. I may also quote Master Li Gongming:

“Fengshui, Bazi & Qimen Dunjia are useless without proper heart: Xinfa is the key.”

Please read the description of the course attached as .pdf

Dates and Schedule:

10 Days course a 6 hours per day 

– Begin 11.00 Moscow Time - 9.00 AM Germany/ Spain

27.08.2018 till 31.08.2018 - First 5 days – General Introduction to Methodology 32 Hexagrams Combinations Nei Gua – Kan , Gen, Zhen, Xun

03.09.2018 till 07.09.2018 – Next 5 days First 5 days – 32 Hexagrams Combinations Nei Gua – Li , Kun, Dui, Qian Additional Commentaries to Methodology

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