KahunaDao Retreat - Faqimen Training 2020

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Dear Friends,

Even me and Oliver we completely disagree with the current policy of government and media, due to the recent escalation of the situation with the management of public health in Europe we see us forced too to cope the recommendations of the government too and postpone the schedule of our meeting. 

I cancelled my flight to Europe so far and we will arrange and alternative schedule.

I am keen in transmitting you the knowledge and the practices in this period of time and definitely we both agree that exactly what people need right now is more a clear deal with the mediatic chaos and the panic transmission in society: reaffirm our own nature of love and spread it instead of let fears absurdly and speculatively grow.

For that the original 9 Days that we have planned from 11th April to 19th April I will offer every day a Meditation session with Xinfa and inner Qi-gong as normally would happen in the retreat. Specially for this period of social instability the five thunder meditation can be a great help for many of you. 

Furthermore i will arrange by the first week of April a series of videos for the 5 animals teaching so that you can learn it step by step. 

Alternative meeting in person as final part of the process will be in September from 17th-21st 5 days retreat im Wiesbaden. There will be the chance to accomplish the check of the process with the 5 animals and Lomi. 

In the normal package of the retreat we have 7 sessions of whole body qi-cream application, which combined with the 9 days meditation turns into a deep cleaning of all layers of the self, physical, energetical, emotional and essence body. 

We will arrange the shipment so that you will get a package of 14 pots of cream before the retreat begin with the qi-cream and you will have the chance to apply it by yourself within the 9 days meditation sessions. Additionaly will send you special maoshan protection talismans.

I am completely sure that in this way we can still cope our goals and learning to go with the flow what reality allows us, then to discover new ways. Doing like this probably in the retreat in September then we can already do some more advanced techniques, specially relevant for those that are doing this retreat within the formation of Fa Qimen 2020.

Keep positive thinking is the most important, even we may not meet directly in person, we still meet in etheric. 

Please let us know all your personal needs or comments, 

sincerely yours, Alejandro

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