Investment Prognostication by Qi Men Dun JIa and Bazi-Mingli

Precio de venta300,00 €


Dear Friends, 

As i commented before in the last days, i scheduled here a workshop dates 07.06 and 04.07.2020. 

I got in the last time again some questions from you about investments in these weird time and i was surprised that was coming from some advanced students, so i decided to do this workshop for all of you that have the difficult cases and need refresh your break through power for your consultations. 

Contents will be:

1. Qi Men Dun Jia Investment Analysis: Question-Chart Analyse - Difficult - Exceptional Chart

2. Use of Bazi- Mingli Information for Investments

3. Year Chart and Months Charts Analyse

4. How to determine the schedule of Investment for the client

We will have two sessions around 5 hours each. 

The time is later ass normal because here we will match also the time of our representatives in Brasil with the ones we have an already ongoing project on Market Analyse and Investments Research using our methods. After this course there will be open possibilities to join the research Group.

Who can join this course?

This course is only for students that have completed the whole Qi Men Dun Jia Professional Formation and the Alchemy of the spirit - Mingli - Xinfa Formation. 

Price: 300 Euros

(This price is only for the above described students fulfilling the requisites. Other students that wish to join the course without having visited both former courses, first write to me personally: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.)


Taipei, Taiwan Sun, 7 Jun 2020 at 19:00 CST     

Moscow, Russia Sun, 7 Jun 2020 at 14:00 MSK     

Kyiv, Ukraine Sun, 7 Jun 2020 at 14:00 EEST    

Frankfurt, Germany Sun, 7 Jun 2020 at 13:00 CEST    

Alicante, Spain Sun, 7 Jun 2020 at 13:00 CEST    

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Sun, 7 Jun 2020 at 08:00 BRT

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