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Qi Men Dun Jia Advanced Courses Series: Fa - Qimen Webinar


In our techniques of Daoist Talismans for balancing the original Qi-Constitutions and the interactions with the flowing Years and Great Cycle Periods we have basically two blocks of talismans: first the Bazi- Qimen Talismans of the main book we work out together and second the advanced talismans.
Here in this webinar all students that have passed the other preparatory courses, will be able to get the advanced Maoshan talismans for balancing Bazi. Working with them requires more energetic capabilities in order to bring them out and have long lasting power.

Mainly what we need are two sets of generic Talismans:

One for all 5 phases, this means the generic talisman of Water, generic talisman of Fire, generic Talisman of Metal, generic Talisman of Wood, and Generic Talisman of Earth.

Second the Talismans of the 12 earth branches in order to soften and dissolve effects of negative interactions of the earth branches, as they are the clashes and punishments.
On this one-day webinar we will go through this material, you will learn how to create them and we will discuss their application.

Only for Daomac Advanced Students


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