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Fa-Qimen Course on Advanced Maoshan Techniques Moscow 2017

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540 USD - Price includes Set of 4 Fengshui Mirrors, Activated Daoist Seal and a package of Fu De Zheng Shen Talismans graved Ritual Incense

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Dear Friends and Students,
I am very glad to announce you that we will have soon one of our advanced Fa-qimen for sharing new techniques to bring you up one more step further on the top of your already build up skills. This time we clearly focus on the usage of techniques that will bring up a distinction in your practice and your consulting life. First of all in this meeting we will have an current state assessment of your skills, refreshing, getting feedbacks and supervision your practice, and afterwards we will dedicate our special attention to the following issues:

1. Field of Fengshui

The Taisui Talismans

The Taisui Zhou – Recitation Formulas for Activation of Talismans

Use of Fengshui Mirrors in Fengshui

Concave and Convex 8 Trigrams Mirrors, Mountain Sea Mirror and Qiling Unicorn Mountain Sea Mirror

Special Fuzhous for Activation of Fengshui Mirrors

The BAGUA – The 8 Talismans of each Trigram

2. Field of Self-Cultivation and Self-Empowerment

The Gathering Seal of the Three Purities Nine Immortals – Seal

After the introduction we have done several times before of the advanced techniques of Self-Cultivation and Empowerment in Maoshan and having commented already this Seal from the Secret Blue Book of Master Li, now he agreed to prepare for you the carvings of this seal.

The practice allows the use of this Seal manifold as we explained already, for private issues, general issues, conflicts, harmony, love, pregnancy, health and natural phenomena.

3. Field of Work with Time-Space Context and Karmic Interrelationships

The Fu De Zheng Sheng Zhou – Reciting Resonance Formula of Tudi Gong

The practice of the communication with Tudigong is in daoist skills the most important helping people to resolve their Karmic conflicts or in order to understand the historic background of a place or situation. After such a Fashu- Technique and the following manifestation of Tudigong the process of changing and evolving of the underlying background of the situation may be accelerated so that the applications of further techniques will be much more efficient.

As you see we will indeed go not only a step further, will be rather a jump. I begun already not to be willing to repeat the basic courses and to concentrate in the advanced levels, and go for the real fun.

So, it is going to be an exciting and intensive program,
I wish to salute you all in person and enjoy it together,


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