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Dear Friends, herewith i begin today officially the research on the so-called the ways of Heaven Fengshui, and it is a project of overlapping different layers in research compared to the Sunrise and Sunset points in each city or place of application. So far for now i would like to call all of you that would like to take a part in this research and you will be also able to get involved in the benefits of the results of this research. 

What do you need to do?

I need to get from all your positions in the globe a measurement every month twice, when do the sunrise and sunset happens. This could be electronically i know, but needed is that you use your stand point as reference point and note from which mountain (24 mountains) the sun rises and goes down. 

The measurements should be done 1st or 2nd day of lunar month, this means each full moon and 14th or 15th day of lunar month, this means full moon. 

How strict should be? One time one data missing in a year is ok maybe two if you are not in your hometown, but we aim to have a consistency in the data.

After a year we can have a clearer view of the flow and reference of the yang qi for the place you are researching. 

I cannot promise anything how the outcome will be, because me personally has been requested to carry out this research, however, who has asked for that knows what we may find and how to use that informations and we may grow together on that. 

This usage of Sunrise/Sunset are actually Liuren approaches to the usage of the yang qi.

So please write here to the group who all of you can and wants to join the research, 

I thank you all in advanced for your participation and commitment for the development of our knowledge in our chinese life sciences, 

Yours, Alejandro
Felix Niakamal
Felix Niakamal Sounds interesting! I'll try to join you in a month or so. 9 months ago

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