here for all students, some comments, there has been a question about can we use an activation with geng and if the star is clashed by the palace, so I write it here for all to share just in case there are doubts and if its needed to establish a discussion for exchange impressions :)

@ok, this activation as I described can be used for situations like marriage partnership, yi over geng, which is about the harmonization and in this way is used properly. More over we have there the special structure of the happy lie with Liu he and Yi. Could be used to reestablish harmony in marriage partnership where people developed selfish directions and need to come closer to each other, as in many cases I got from students to bring back the attention of the husband to the family or to harmonize the relationship to a person on power that overdoes the limits 

Concerning about the Star, as I might have said in the courses or in the beginning, we don't have here the rotative perception of the stars and gates like the fan yin of the stars or gates that some other schools have, this turns out to remain quite swallow.

For us here it has a meaning in the degree of the presence of the star, and we don't considered her to be clashed as earth branches do, rather she is under control, what for tianchong, as an strong star for pushing is a softening effect in its intensity. Clash we have only in Earthly branches as specific. Stars and gates represent trigrams, for that interact with other trigrams like palaces in form of building hexagrams, and may have different relative presence for strong bright or low effect. 

That means here in the interaction of a softened tianchong with xiumen in that palace the hexagram fulfillment of the diversion of grieves and problems can succeed by means of more presence of the water flow and easiness and little control resource of the tianchong power to conduct.

Important : you always need to keep the frame of usage and meaning of the interactions of the energy and then you can use everything. If it is not the right thematic where you use the energy, it may turn into ineffective or counter-productive. 

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