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Quo Vadis?

Business Forecasting & Strategy,

Leadership by Nature

New Frames for Strategies within
Natural Patterns

Sometimes despite all requirements seem to be fulfilled we fail to achieve our goals because of missing details, changing circumstances and unexpected incidents. Many of these unexpected occurances are tied to and determined by general natural climatic processes.

Our Strategy proposal is based on the observation of these natural cycles, so that we can attach our moves to the flow of the climatic processes, the natural qi-flow.

Thus by the means of prognostication aiming to recognise these unexpected factors in time in order to either use or avoid them, your goals can be achieved with no loss of energy


Daomac‘s Concept of Coaching is based on the analysis of three interlocking aspects which depend on your individual goals, wishes, needs and projections. Optimization and harmonization of these aspects is our key to success:

  • Our Awareness and our Potentials depending on our personal biorhythms. To think and act accordingly in different Situations in order to achieve our goals: Mind
  • Our living and working space where we, create, develop, decide and act. How can we optimize it? Space
  • Our goals, needs and expectations and the way we choose to fulfill them within the context of natural processes.
    How do we position ourselves in order to go with the natural flow and thus realize our plans with ease. Strategy

Veni, Vidi, Vici

New ways,
Natural Flow

Human Resources Management

Who is who?

And how long?

New ways,
Natural Flow


Besides the full evaluation of personal potentials and their evolution in time, our methods of chronopsychological analysis enable us to precisely answering questions like: when? how? For how long? a person will be able to fulfill a specific task.

By acknowledging and making use of the nature of the biorhythms of a person we are able to give proper advice on how a person can deal with and manage the requisites of a position at your business over periods of time and what's actually the best way to do it.

Hereby we present you with a valuable tool for your HMR, supporting you mainly in the fields of:

Personal Recruitment
Selection of the most fitting candidate for the position of a Manager, Operator or any other important for your business.
Team Structures
Building and managing effective team structures is a main effort in getting projects to work. By our methods you will be greatly supported both in the creation of teams and in the establishment of workflows and responsibilities.

Problems with the human factors of your business can be avoided before they occur, thus producing more creativity and efficiency in a natural way!

We at Daomac also provide Coaching and HR companies with our material, so they also can offer a more comprehensive service to their own clients.

Qi-Workflow Management

Qi-Workflow Management presents a new  approach that allows higher efficiency for Human Ressources Management, for the Business Workflows and the accomplishment of your targets.

The modern application of the methods of  traditional Chinese Life Sciences allow us to establish a personalised analysis of the workflow of your business.

The results are:

  • Highest Efficiency by completion of targets in a natural way
  • Reduction of Stress and Pressure
  • Positive Feelings and healthy Mental Attitude
  • Better use and administration of the own Potentials
  • Reduction of waste of energy and mental power
  • More Endurance, no Burn Out!
  • Reduction of Stress and Pressure
  • Positive Feelings and healthy Mental Attitude

Nature provides our patterns for Efficiency:

  • Qi-Mental Ressources Concept
  • Qi-Workflow Ecology

Natural Patterns,
New Concepts of Management


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