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Our Strategy Concept for Business


Your personal way to success

Natural Patterns
New Concepts of Coaching

What is the base of our Strengths and Weaknesses?

Randomly everybody experiences good days, as well as bad days.

Sometimes everything seems to be in a wonderful flow, taking you to your goals or to the highest peaks of your creativity without any effort. And sometimes just nothing seems to work.

Traditional Chinese Life Sciences describe the shifting tides of our potentials as the results of the interaction of our individual biorhythms with the climatic processes of the world we are part of.

Profile Assessment of personal Biorhythms:

Well knowing your own biorhythm is one of the most useful and valuable informations in order to draw your personal strategy for your private and business life.

The methods of the Traditional Chinese Life Sciences enable us to develop a detailed personal profile, describing the personal evolution in accordance to the evolution of nature.

Besides a full evaluation of your potentials and your natural evolution in time, the analysis allows a description of how someone can manage the different requisites of a position over a period of time to achieve the best results with a minimum of energy.

It is possible to establish your pesonal strategy for life in accordance to the flow of nature. Hereby stress will diminish and success will increase!

Our material thus provides the best base for private or business coaching.


Naturally, Strategy

New Frames for Strategies within
Natural Patterns

Awareness in Time
Prognostication & Strategy

For any movement that implies decision making under uncertainty, our system provides a new basis for more information that can be taken into acquaintance in order to complete the patterns of your strategy.

By the means of the analysis of natural processes we are able to recognise our and our project's position within the natural flow of the qi. We thus can perceive unexpected factors beforehand in order to either avoid them or make use of them. Hereby it is possible to prevent any unnecessary waste of ressources.

Furthermore, acting in harmony with the flow of natural processes allows us to save precious energy while we easily home in on our goals.

Make acting at the right moment in the right place your natural way!


Productive Space
Analysis and Optimization

Space is an important aspect that influences our life and work. The arrangement of it can restrain or support our movements, thus spawning either advantages or disadvantages.

How much space do you have at your disposal for development?

How important is it for you to sleep well?

What impacts does space have on your work and life quality?

How does its arrangement influence you, your ability to gather strength for your evolution and how can it change the development of your company?

The analysis of one's living and working place is an essential feature of successful management. Traditional Chinese Life Sciences have methods of space optimization that tried, approved and constantly developed for millenia to grant you sustainable support for your private and business life.

This is our ground of stability to bring your projects into full bloom.

Do the right thing in the right place, at the right time!

Where do you do what?

... and

Which are the results?

Naturally living,
Naturally working,
Naturally, successful


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